From the 1st January 2018 a new Overnight Stay Tax has been introduced by the Government of Greece.

The tax??is payable locally by the individual guest on checking in/out, per night/per room and varies according to the official rating of the accommodation.


Official accommodation rating according to the Tourism Organization classification:

Hotel Accommodation in Euros/Night of stay

  • 5 Star: ???4.00
  • 4 Star: ???3.00
  • 3 Star: ???1.50
  • 1-2 Stars: ???0.50
Furnished Rooms/Apartments in Euros/Night of stay

  • 4 Keys: ???1.00
  • 3 Keys: ???0.50
  • 1-2 Keys: ???0.25
Do you have any other questions relating to Greece???s new Overnight Stay Tax? Comment below and our team will advise as best we can.

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